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Working Paper

Participation in Kenya’s Local Development Funds : Reviewing the Past to Inform the Future

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World Bank Group, Washington, DC
Africa | Kenya
2015-04-01T21:27:06Z | 2015-04-01T21:27:06Z | 2015-02

Kenya's new Constitution mandates a new era of public participation in government, particularly within the devolved government structure. The new devolved structures can benefit from reviewing the country's prior experience with participation in decentralized funds. The Kenyan government and citizens gained extensive experience in local participatory development through decentralized programs and funds, in particular the local authority transfer fund (LATF) and the constituency development fund (CDF). This paper focuses on the two development funds because participatory initiatives both by the government and the civil society were centered on them. This paper reviews Kenya's past experiences on public participation in local service delivery to highlight practical lessons that county governments can draw from as they design participation mechanisms.


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