The African Knowledge Sharing Platform (AKSP) of the African Union, is an integrated bibliographic and full-text digital database of publications of the African Union, Regional Economic Communities (RECs), and other regional as well as international organizations who collaborate with the African Union to ensure that their publications are accessible and available to the public.

The AKSP supports the mandate of the African Union to Connect with Africans through the Provision of continent wide Public Goods & Services by enhancing awareness of and providing data and knowledge products in the form of publications in order to:

  • Promote historical, political, socio-cultural, scientific and other relevant information necessary to empower Africans to achieve the vision of Pan-Africanism and deliver Africa’s growth and development as envisioned in Africa’s Agenda 2063
  • Promoting the discoverability and accessibility of publications of the African Union as well as publications of  African affiliated regional, continental, and international organizations
  • Enhance referencing and usage, sharing and preservation of these indispensable primary sources of information and knowledge for contemporary and future users.

The AKSP specifically aims to :

  • Provide a single, comprehensive and integrated one-stop shop of source of information and knowledge on Africa by consolidating publications from African affiliated institutions and making them accessible globally to stakeholders of the AU as well as academics, researchers, policy makers, the media and the general public
  • Promote ownership, preservation and control of African Bibliographies by proactively taking stock of writings about Africa, and ensuring these publications are accessible through the AKSP, thereby ensuring that the AU discharges its responsibility of promoting knowledge based African societies, enhancing human capital development as well as promoting a balanced narrative about Africa  by identifying and availing African bibliographies through networks of, regional, continental and international partners.  
  • To serve as stepping stone in developing databases of African Local Content and Indigenous Knowledge for preservation and assert Africa’s contribution to global civilization
  • Serve as a centre of research and excellence, as well as a platform for Africans to challenge the status-quo established by various bodies about Africa, through research and evidence-based outputs, thereby contributing towards reconfiguring the narratives about Africa and Africans

The AKSP currently holds approximately 60,000 records from the African Union and its International / African affiliated AKSP Partner institutions including:- The African Development Bank, the United Nations Education, Scientific, Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Institute of Security Studies, Nordic Africa Institute


The AKSP is managed by the Information and Communication Directorate of the African Union


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