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World Bank, Washington, DC
Africa | Somalia
2020-07-09T13:43:02Z | 2020-07-09T13:43:02Z | 2020-06

Somalia’s natural capital is under substantial pressure from inappropriate land uses, conflict, and climate change. In its Ninth National Development Plan (Somalia NDP-9), the government of Somalia has identified vulnerability to environmental shocks as one of the six major causes of poverty. The Plan also observes that among the top four drivers of poverty is natural disasters. Subsequently, the Plan notes that the achievement of the four-national development priority pillars is contingent upon ‘better management of Somalia’s environment and its natural resources.’ The Somalia CEA is an analytical document that systematically evaluates Somalia’s environment and natural resources (ENR) sector, using both authors’ own data and published secondary information. The end-term goal of the report is to facilitate both a long-term dialogue within Somalia on the interlinkages between environment and development and herald better coordination among development partners on matters touching on the management of Somalia’s natural assets. By identifying environmental concerns at an early stage in Somalia’s renewed engagement with international financing institutions, the CEA identifies opportunities for managing natural resources to deliver improvements for livelihoods, reducing poverty, and building climate change resilience across all the environmental sectors.


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