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The Woman Victim in a Country in Crisis: A Reading of Tagwira's The Uncertainty of Hope


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The article is based on my reading of Valerie Tagwira?s The Uncertainty of Hope as a feminist text that portrays female victimhood in the context of a failing postcolonial state. Tagwira writes about the experiences of a woman against the background of Murambatsvina, officially termed ??Operation Clean Up.?? The Zimbabwean Operation Clean Up of 2005 was condemned worldwide; and in her novel, Tagwira gives an often-ignored dimension of a woman?s experience of it, in the general context of a country facing serious political, economic and social challenges. For Tagwira, the challenges faced by Onai, as well as those around her, do not have links to their racial identities. Thus, Tagwira redefines the enemyvictim trope of the Third Chimurenga by subverting the state?s interpretation of the struggle discourse of the Third Chimurenga. In the state?s discourse, the victim trope is racial, the state enemy is the former colonial master (in support of the opposition political party) and the...


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