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A Second Look at the Pesticides Initiative Program : Evidence from Senegal


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Africa | Africa | West Africa | Sub-Saharan Africa | Sahel | Senegal
2012-03-19T18:02:11Z | 2012-03-19T18:02:11Z | 2011-04-01

This paper investigates whether the Pesticides Initiative Program has significantly affected the export performance of Senegal' shorticulture industry. The authors apply two main microeconometric techniques, difference-in-differences and matching difference-in-differences, to identify the effect of the Pesticides Initiative Program on exports of fresh fruits and vegetables. They use a unique firm-level dataset containing data on sales, employment, and exports by product and destination markets, as well as firm enrolment year, over 2000-2008. The results suggest that wile the program had no significant effect on exports pooled over all products and destinations, it had a positive effect when considering fresh fruits and vegetables exports to the European Union.


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