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World Bank, Washington, DC
Middle East and North Africa | Yemen, Republic of
2013-10-15T22:09:03Z | 2013-10-15T22:09:03Z | 2012-09

Yemen's political and security crises have exacted a terrible toll on its people in terms of human losses, poverty, malnutrition, and economic decline. Emerging from conflict and violence and moving towards economic recovery, growth, poverty alleviation, and job creation are critically dependent on enabling a growing and increasingly diverse and competitive private sector. Understanding the effects of civil conflict on private businesses and their needs in a conflict-affected environment can provide insights on measures that will assist overall economic recovery. The report asserts that private sector development is crucial to recovery, 'especially if creating jobs and incomes is to outlast donor-funded, short-term emergency works'. The World Development Report (WDR) concludes that, 'author need to put greater emphasis on early projects to create jobs, especially through the private sector.'


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