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Cameroon Economic Update, January 2015 : Revisiting the Sources of Growth--Enhancing the Efficiency of the Port of Douala


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Washington, DC
Africa | Cameroon
2015-02-25T21:14:30Z | 2015-02-25T21:14:30Z | 2015-01

The Cameroon economic update aim at sharing knowledge and stimulating debate among those interested in improving the economic management of Cameroon and unleashing its enormous potential. The note offers another voice on economic issues in Cameroon, and an additional platform for engagement, learning, and exchange. It looks at the efficiency of the Port of Douala, the main entry for imports to Cameroon and two other landlocked countries (Central African Republic and Chad) of the communaute economique des etats de l'Afrique Centrale (Central African economic and monetary community) (CEMAC) region. This update provides policy recommendations on how to improve the efficiency of the Port of Douala. The report shows that the Port of Douala is one of the least efficient of the region and that in spite of efforts deployed over the last years, the objective to reduce the global dwell time to 7 days at the end of the 1990 has not yet been achieved. Others options to improve the efficiency of the Port of Douala include: the revision of the legal framework governing the Port, the improvement of the awareness of importers and brokers on trade procedures, the acceleration of the modernization of the Port of Douala, and the improvement of data collection and analysis of trade facilitation statistics. The report recognizes that implementing these reforms will require building consensus among various stakeholders and also overcoming the status quo practices and behaviors prevailing within the Port.


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