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Washington, DC
2012-08-13T10:00:32Z | 2012-08-13T10:00:32Z | 1996-06

There is a demonstrated demand in Europe for African products. Europe imports more manufactured goods from Africa than the US and Japan combined, and European firms are the primary source of foreign investment in many African nations. This study, Africa can compete! Export opportunities and challenges in garments and home products in the European market, examines opportunities and challenges for African products in European markets. It is an extension of an earlier publication entitled Africa can compete! The study explores important trends in consumption patterns in the European Union (EU) markets and assesses the degree to which these patterns offer opportunities for African exporters. The EU market requirements facing African producers in terms of price quality delivery and volumes are also examined, and case studies describing the challenges African firms have in meeting these requirements are presented. Data are also presented to show that, in countries where policy reforms have been pursued, exports of standardized products, like garments, are price competitive with their Asian rivals.


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