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World Bank, Washington, DC
Africa | East Asia and Pacific | Latin America & Caribbean | Middle East and North Africa | European Union | North America | China | India | South Africa | Tunisia | United States
2017-03-29T20:22:29Z | 2017-03-29T20:22:29Z | 2016-08-30

This issue includes the following headings: Insights from World Bank Research on Trade and Globalization; What Drives Differences in Exporter Behavior across Countries? The Rising Domestic Content of Chinese Exports; The Quality Effects of Exporting to High-Income Countries; Labor Market Frictions and Trade Adjustment Costs in Developing Countries; How Product Standards AffectFirms' Export Decisions; How Services Reform Helped Revive Indian Manufacturing; Are the Benefits of Export Support Durable? Resource Rents and Local Development in Post-Apartheid South Africa; Are Politically Connected Firms More Likely to Evade Import Tariffs and Other Taxes? Trade Agreements under Threat; and Recent World Bank Research Publications and Papers on Trade and Globalization


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