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The diffusion of mobile phones for business and information management in Kenya


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Adonis & Abbey
Africa | Eastern Africa

Diffusion of innovation (DOI) is the process by which an innovation is adopted and gains acceptance by members of a certain community. Innovations that are perceived by individuals as having greater relative advantage, compatibility and less complexity may be adopted more rapidly than others. Observations show that information and communication technologies (ICTs) such as computers and the Internet have been widely adopted by people in western countries, while in developing countries they have taken much longer to be adopted. Mobile phones on the other hand, have been widely adopted by both the western and developing countries in the past decade. The rapid spread and use of mobile phone technology has been extended to the use of innovative mobile money transfer services which has increased the speed of economic activities for Kenyans, especially low income people who were not served by financial institutions such as banks. Money transfer services were first introduced in Kenya in...


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