African Union Days

Africa Environment and Wangari Maathai Day3 March
African Union Day of Commemoration of the 1994 Genocide -
Against the Tutsi in Rwanda 7 April
Day of the Battle of Cuito Cuanavale 23 April
Africa Day 25 May
Africa Border Day 7 June
Africa Child Day 16 June
African Refugee Day/World Refugee Day 20 June
African Public Service Day 23 June
Day of Africa’s Scientific Renaissance 30 June
African Integration Day 7 July
African Anti-Corruption Day 11 July
Africa Day of Seas and Oceans 25 July
Africa’s Women Day 31 July
Africa Day of Decentralisation and Local Development10 August
Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Day 10 August
African Traditional Medicine Day 31 August
African Union Day 9 September
Africa Human Rights Day 21 October
Africa Food Security and Nutrition Day 30 October
Africa Youth Day 1 November
African Statistics Day 18 November
Africa Industrialisation Day 20 November
Africa Telecommunications and ICT Day 7 December
Day of African Sport 14 December


Algeria01 November
Angola11 November
Benin01st August
Botswana30 September
Burkina Faso11 December
Burundi01st July
Cameroon20 May
Cape Verde05 July
C.A.R01st December
Chad11 August
Comoros06 July
Congo15 August
Congo DR30 June
Cote d’Ivoire07 August
Djibouti27 June
Egypt23 July
Eq Guinea12 October
Eritrea24 May
Ethiopia28 May
Eswatini06 September
Gabon17 August
Gambia18 February
Ghana06 March
Guinea02nd October
Guinea Bissau24 September
Kenya12 December
Lesotho04 October
Liberia26 July
Libya17 February
Madagascar26 June
Malawi06 July
Mali22nd September
Mauritania28 November
Mauritius12 March
Morocco18 November
Mozambique25 June
Namibia21 March
Niger18 December
Nigeria01st October
Rwanda01st July
SADR27 February
Sao TomePrincipe12 July
Senegal04 April
Seychelles29 June
Sierra Leone27 April
Somalia01st July
South Africa27 April
South Sudan09 July
Sudan01st January
Tanzania26 April
Togo27 April
Tunisia20 March
Uganda09 October
Zambia24 October
Zimbabwe18 April